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Local community members coming together to help others in need and to protect families, visitors and the parks in the neighborhood we love. Together we create solutions!

  We use Reporit to help keep track of concerns and provide data to share with city officials - Click Documents for information on how to access

What we do

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world, Indeed, it's  the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead


We invest in 
Community Development and Safety

LICCA partners with Imperium Consultants to provide the team who helps keep the neighborhood peaceful and inviting to all.  The selection of Imperium was based on the experience and approach of its founder Fritz King Vincent. 

Fritz king Vincent is owner and director of Imperium ITS Consultants.  Imperium Consultants is not just a full- service private investigation/security company but a “thought based” organization that looks to “problem solve” issues relate to safety and security. Focusing on developing good practices and community responsibility. 

As a prior educator and later a school investigator for the NYC DOE.  King saw the need for a new approach to community development.  “There can be no safety if the community lacks avenues of responsibility and justice”


King later founded Guarded Passages. A non for profit that provided protective escorts for survivors of crime and domestic violence. 

We collaborate with

Local Precinct and

City Officials

As a community based organization we come together to work with our local precinct to  find solutions for areas of concern for the community.  Whether it be by connecting with city officials to discuss ideas for added traffic safety by adding more visible traffic calming signs or engaging with our local precinct to bring awareness to what is being experienced in the area.  Our goal is to collaborate using a thoughtful approach where everyone works together and our voices are heard.


Please connect with us to learn more about community meetings where we can all share ideas and make a difference!

Submit any concerns so they can be shared appropriately with our local precinct and city officials by sending an email to us.

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We care...  
We get involved! 

Whether it is volunteering our time for those in need or organizing a fundraiser, food/clothing drives for those in need.  We come together to help those in need.  LICCA is a community based organization that consistently has the interest of others at heart.  Helping others and continued faith in the generosity and goodness of our fellow humans to help those less fortunate.

Most recently we participated in the organization of medical supplies and other needed donations to support those in the Ukraine!

This past January we organized donations for the victims of the Bronx fire.  Amazing generosity from our community to help those in need!

Stay tuned for the next event we are participated in and/or organizing!

About Us

A little more about us...

Need a hand? We have several.

We are a community based group who cares about our neighborhood and the great city of New York.  We welcome everyone to the beautiful Hunters Point and Gantry State Park.  Together we provide solutions to keep the area safe and peaceful for all to enjoy! We support our local businesses and promote keeping LIC Local!   Our goals are to continue improving the world with thoughtful action. To volunteer our time and energy into solutions to help others.  Care and empathy is at the core of our values.  

Community Meeting Notes & Information


This Month's Business Highlight 
Buiness Higlight
Jackson's Eatery 
Long Island City, NY

Check out this great casual vibe in LIC and support independent business owner Andrew Karistinos

Jackson's has been a part of the community for the past five years and is one of the best places to gather for great food, cocktails and camaraderie!

If you have not dined at this local eatery you are missing out on one of the coolest vibes in the neighborhood.  Say hi to Andrew!  FREE glass of beer when you have dinner there Thursday - Sunday when you mention LICCA

Join Us

Empowering Community Towards Unity and Solutions

You have the power to...
make a change.

A place we call home. 

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